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Article: Different Types Of Wood Used As Inlays To Create Our Bold Men’s Wedding Rings

Different Types Of Wood Used As Inlays To Create Our Bold Men’s Wedding Rings - Touchwood

Different Types Of Wood Used As Inlays To Create Our Bold Men’s Wedding Rings

Our unique and bespoke tungsten wedding rings come in a variety of different wooden inlays, ranging from rosewood to whiskey barrel wood. Below are some characteristics of our different types of wood used as inlays to create our bold men’s wedding rings.



roosewood inlay tungsten ring

Rosewood: A bloodwood inlay for our rings always stands out with its natural red wooden features. Sometimes called "true" rosewood, Brazilian rosewood (Dalbergia nigra) is a beautiful hardwood. Its namesake is inspired by the sweet rose-like scent produced when it is cut. Woodworkers have coveted it for centuries for use in the finest furniture and musical instruments. Also known as bloodwood, rosewood is red in color with abstract black grains in between.



Ebony wood inlay tungsten ring

Ebony Wood: Breaking the brushed tungsten grey in a wedding ring and complimenting the blend with our matte black plated tungsten rings. Ebony is a dense black-brown hardwood, coming from several species in the genus Diospyros, which also contains the persimmons. Unlike most woods, ebony is dense enough to sink in water. It is finely textured and has a mirror finish when polished, making it valuable as an ornamental wood. Ebony is a very hard wood and is perfect for being used for valuable and bespoke inlays.



Oakwood inlay tungsten ring

Oakwood :Oakwood has a very natural and brown look and is perfect to be used as an inlay for your men’s wedding ring. Oak wood naturally contains a high proportion of tannin that makes it highly resistant to attack by insects or fungi. This is part of the reason oak trees are so long-lived and why, combined with their natural water resistance, oakwood is less prone to decay and rotting.



zebrawood inlay tungsten ring

Dark Zebrawood: Zebrawood is named after the stripes of a zebra as it has the same characteristics in its wood grain. If you are looking for a wood to make a statement and attract one's immediate attention, zebrawood will not disappoint.



 walnut wood inlay tungsten ring

Walnut wood: Walnut wood has a very similar look to oakwood and is used in many of our rose gold men’s tungsten rings. It doesn’t get as complicated as a wooden inlay for your men's wedding ring and is a safe option if you are willing to take the leap into the modern era of men’s tungsten rings.



 whiskey barrel tungsten ring

Whiskey Barrel: Whiskey barrel wood has similar features to olive wood, but it damn straight makes for an awesome inlay in black tungsten rings and brushed tungsten rings. The whiskey barrel has an awesome neutral color and can be paired with most dark and lighter color variants. Above all, imagine the conversation starter having whiskey barrel wood as an inlay inside your tungsten wedding ring. If you drink it, you might as well wear it.

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