Getting Your Correct Ring Size:

If you are 100% certain in knowing your ring size and it matches with our sizing, then go ahead with your order as sizes are universal. If NOT, please follow the following steps, as this is your safest way of measuring the correct size.

Step 1: Take a screenshot of our sizing chart.

Step 2: To fit the sizes on our chart at your closest trustworthy jewellery store.

Step 3: Should your ring size fall in between one of our sizes, for example - they say you are a size V, then you fit the size 10 = U and the size 11 = W because one of the two will feel comfortable enough to proceed with the order.

Step 4: If you are still uncertain, please phone us on 084 299 4583 for assistance with your sizing.

Thank you for considering our unique range and of rings hope we will be sending you one soon.