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Ring Sizing

Getting Your Correct Ring Size:

If you are 100% certain in knowing your ring size and it matches with our sizing, then go ahead with your order as sizes are universal. If NOT, please follow the following steps, as this is your safest way of measuring the correct size.

Step 1: Take a screenshot of our sizing chart for a reference.

Step 2: Go fit the sizes on our chart at your closest trustworthy jewelry store or visit our showroom in Pretoria east where you can fit and purchase our unique tungsten rings.

Step 3: Ring sizes in South Africa are measured in letters of the alphabet you will see on our size chart that we give the following 3 measurements:

  • Number: 7,8, 9,10,11,12,13,14 (This would be the US sizing in numbers)
  • Diameter will be the number in Brackets - (18.9mm)  - Note this measurement is from the furthest inside points of the ring and we do not recommend trying to work out your size using a standard ruler to determine diameter.
  • Lastly, we give the letter in the alphabet that the particular ring size matches to in SA sizing example P, R1/2, U, W, Y, Z+1, Z+3.

Should your ring size fall in between one of our sizes, for example - a size 10.5 = V, then we recommend you fit both the size 10 = U and the size 11 = W, decide which is the best fit for your finger and order accordingly. The reason we don't stock half sizes is because the difference is very small and the chances that one of our alternatives will fit is 95% 

Step 4: If you are still uncertain, please reach out to us on 084 299 4583 or 061 367 2002 for assistance with your sizing. We are more than willing and excited to help you choose your dream ring.

Below is an example showcasing the different sizes in US numbers corresponding with the correct diameter - (inside of the ring measurement), this is for display purposes only.

Thank you for considering our unique range and of rings hope we will be sending you one soon.