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People Also Ask - FAQs

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1) Where are you located?

499 view street, 18 mont blanc complex, Rietvalleirand, Pretoria east

2) Do you customize rings?

We only sell what is displayed on the website.

3) How do we go about getting our correct ring size? 

The safest way to get your ring size is to take a screenshot of our sizing and go to the closest jewelry store to fit on our available sizes. Alternatively you can measure the diameter or circumference of an existing ring but this is not suggested as it is easy to measure incorrectly.

4) What is tungsten?

Tungsten is one of the toughest metals yet to be discovered and is scratch resistant.

5) Do deer get hurt for antler ring inlays?

No this is a 100% natural process and deer shed their antlers every year.

6) Do the wooden inlays damage?

All wooden inlays are covered with a protective poxy that makes it waterproof.

7) Do your tungsten rings have real meteorite as an inlay?

Our meteorite is lab made, to contain legit meteorite is highly improbable.

8) Do you have rose gold rings?

All our rings are made with tungsten carbide and then gets plated with a rose gold finish.

9) Can the black rings loose colour?

Yes the plating process is done with immense heat but can be worn off over long periods of time and when exposed constantly to chemicals with high alcohol contents.

10) What is the most common size ring size for men?

Size 10 / U

11) Can tungsten be resized?

No tungsten can not be resized once it is formed in shape it is permanent.

12) Is tungsten a good choice for a wedding band? 

Tungsten is an awesome, fashionable and affordable choice for a mens wedding ring.

13) What makes tungsten a good choice for a men's wedding ring? 

Tungsten is affordable, hypoallergenic and scratch resistant.

14) Do you exchange rings? 

Yes we can exchange our rings if it is not used or personalized.

15) Can you engrave inside your rings?

Yes we custom engrave a personalized message inside or outside our rings

16) Do you have hammered tungsten rings? 

We stock several hammered tungsten designs both with and without inlays.

17) Who usually pays for the mens wedding ring?

Well this depends on how deep the grooms pockets are.

18) Can tungsten be cut off your finger?

Tungsten can be broken off your finger in emergency situations.

19) Are tungsten rings unbreakable?

Tungsten like most things in life can break, even though it is a superior metal it can still break under extreme pressures as it can not change shape and thus in unlikely circumstances can shatter.

20) Do you only do online sales or do you have a showroom / shop?

We have a showroom in Pta east, Rietvalleirand. Address 499 view street, 18 mont blanc, Rietvalleirand, Pretoria east, 0174