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Article: Popular Tungsten Ring Myths

Popular Tungsten Ring Myths - Touchwood

Popular Tungsten Ring Myths

Tungsten rings are brittle and easily crack.

This myth appears to be based on the fact that these rings are made of tungsten carbide rather than pure tungsten. While alloying weakens the metal, it does not make it easy to crack. This is not to say that tungsten rings cannot crack, but the force required is greater than you are likely to encounter on a regular basis. Of course, the higher the quality of the tungsten rings, the more resistant to cracking it will be.

Tungsten rings are not metal rings.

This is partially correct due to the rings' tungsten carbide composition rather than pure metal. Tungsten rings are frequently confused with ceramic jewelry, which is not the case. These rings should be classified as cremated, as is any compound composed of metallic and nonmetallic elements. However, due to the obscurity of this term, there has been some debate about whether or not tungsten rings are metal.

Tungsten rings are not actually made of tungsten.

Because tungsten rings are made of tungsten carbide, this myth is only partially true. Wulfen, a rare metal, and carbon are both present in this alloy. An alloy is used instead of a pure metal because pure tungsten is too difficult to shape into rings or other types of jewelry. The rings are not entirely made of tungsten, but it is present. The two metals are incompatible.


Common Myths About Tungsten Rings

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