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Article: What Kind Of Wedding Ring Should You Get?

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What Kind Of Wedding Ring Should You Get?

Men have been getting married for thousands of years and over that time, they've developed some specific traditions about wedding rings. Wearing a ring on the fourth finger of your left hand is one of the oldest customs, dating back to ancient Egypt where it was believed that this finger contained the vein that led directly to the heart. In fact, wearing a wedding band in any way is also thought to be good luck because it protects against evil spirits and other bad things! Today, men's wedding rings come in many different styles as well as metal types; from simple platinum bands to very ornate designs with diamonds or other gems embedded in them.

Why should men wear a wedding ring?

Wedding rings are a symbol of the commitment between husband and wife. They can serve as an eternal reminder of their love for one another, or even just a simple gesture to let the world know that they are committed partners. The wedding ring is often worn on the left hand, though some cultures have different traditions.

Some men choose not to wear wedding rings because they might consider them feminine or outdated, but this is changing in modern society as more people begin wearing them again (or starting out with one). A lot of guys also like to use their wedding band as an accessory if they’re going for something different than your standard gold band—silver works well if you have pale skin or other physical features that make yellow gold look wrong on you, while platinum looks amazing on those who want something more masculine-looking than silver would be.

How to choose a metal for your ring

Your ring should be made of a metal that is comfortable for you. You can choose amongst tungsten carbide, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. The type of metal used in your wedding band reflects your personal taste and style. Ask yourself what kind of lifestyle you lead before deciding on what metal to choose for your ring. For example:

You like to work out at the gym several times a week: Tungsten Carbide might be best because it resists corrosion better than other metals or alloys.

How to think about the design of your ring

Your ring's style is a reflection of how you see yourself, so it's important to choose a design that reflects your personality. Consider the following questions: a

  • How do you want to wear your ring? If you want to wear it on the same finger as your wedding band, then think about whether the two rings should be the same size and shape; if not, which one should be bigger?

  • What kind of look do you like in general? Do you prefer plain bands or ones with patterns or designs on them?

  • Do any family members have rings that they love and admire (maybe even secretly wish they could borrow)? Think about what makes those pieces special—shape, size, color—and incorporate those elements into yours.

What kind of ring should you get?

When you're shopping for a ring, there's no reason to stick to the traditional gold or diamond choices. You can get a custom-made ring that's different from everyone else's and that reflects your personality and style, like tungsten rings.

It's also important that you choose something functional as well as beautiful; if it doesn't go with what you normally wear or if the material is uncomfortable on your skin, then it will end up sitting in a drawer instead of being worn every day.


So, what kind of ring should you get? That depends on your personality and lifestyle. Do you want something discreet or something bold? You’ll also need to think about how much money you want to spend on this piece of jewelry, as well as how often it will get worn. If you know what kind of look or feel might work best for you (and if so), then take some time browsing through these options!

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