New Modern Wooden Wrist Watches Inspired By Urban Styles And Retro Wardrobes

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When one hears "wooden watch," they immediately think of a wooden wall clock or the old-fashioned cackoo clock. But there are new modern wooden wrist watches designed to embrace urban looks and retro wardrobes. Why blend in when you can stand out with the latest Touchwood wooden watch collections? Live life one beat at a time with our awesome range of wooden watches.

Bamboo has been the go-to slang when thinking of wooden watches, but here at Touchwood, we have several sustainable woods such as walnut, rosewood, zebrawood, ebony, and many more that are used to create the slickest and most eye-catching designs. Don't just wear a watch to keep time; wear a wooden watch for the best time and the ultimate fashion statement, killing two birds with one stone. We ask ourselves: "What wood you do?"

 Here Are 44 Wooden Watches For Men You Can Shop Online From Touchwood

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Wooden Watches For Men Collection

Amazon - Walnut Wooden Watch
Ant Man - Zebra & Walnut Wooden Watch
Beast - Zebrawood & Brushed Stainless Steel Watch
Black Night - Black Plated Stainless Steel & Ebony Wood Watch
Black Panther - Ebony Wooden Watch
Blue Star - Walnut Wooden Watch
Camo Canvas Bamboo Wooden Watch
Canvas zebrawood Watch - Unisex
Chrysus - Black Plated Steel & Zebrawood Watch
Cyclops - Ebony Wooden Watch
Daredevil - Zebra & Rosewood Watch
Ebony & Maple Fullwood Wooden Watch
Falcon - Ebony & Zebrawood Watch
Flash - Black Plated Stainless Steel & Rosewood Watch
Green Arrow - Walnut Wooden Watch
Green Day - Black Plated Stainless Steel & Walnut Wood Watch
Groot - Walnut Wooden Watch
Guardians Of The Galaxy - Walnut Wooden Watch
Hulk - Sandalwood Watch
Luke Skywalker - Rosewood Wooden Watch
Maple Elite Wooden Watch - Men's Watch
Ragnarok - Walnut Wooden Watch
Red Star - Rosewood Wooden Watch
Scorpion - Black Plated & Zebrawood Watch
Silver Star Wooden Watch
Skyler - Black Plated Stainless steel & Ebony wood
Smoke - Walnut Wooden Watch
Spiderman - Maple Wooden Watch
Storm - Walnut & Brushed Stainless Steel Watch
Sub Zero - Walnut Wooden Watch
The Ebony Green Wooden Watch
The Lumberjack - Ebony & Zebrawood Watch
The Mechanical - Olive & Ebony Wood Watch
The Mechanical - Zebra & Ebony Wood Watch
The Mechanical - Zebra & Walnut Wood Watch
The Punisher - Ebony Wooden Watch
The Statement - Stainless Steel & Ebony Wood Watch
Thor - Ebony & Walnut Wooden Watch
Tribal - Sandalwood Watch
Venom - Ebony Wooden Watch
Vision - Zebrawood & Matte black Plated Stainless Steel Watch
Walnut Black Dial - Unisex Watch
Wolverine - Walnut Wooden Watch
Zebra & Black Wood Elite Watch - Men's Watch



Here Are 23 Wooden Watches For Women You Can Shop Online From Touchwood

Wooden Watches for Her Featured Image

Wooden Watches For Women Collection

Athena - Walnut Wooden Watch
Bamboo Wooden Red Leather Watch - Ladies
Black Wood Watch - Women's
Camo Canvas Bamboo Wooden Watch
Canvas Zebrawood Watch - Unisex
Cat Woman - Walnut Watch
Fullwood Ladies Watch - Maple
Lady Branch Face - Unisex Watch
Lady Burning Match - Unisex Watch
Lady Tile Wood Face - Unisex Watch
Lagatha - Ladies Watch
Maple & Rose Wooden Watch - Women's
Maple Full Wood Watch - Women's
Maple Wood Elite Watch - Women's
Norma Jean - Northern Maple Wood Watch
Ocean Avenue - Unisex Watch
Rose Wood Watch - Women's
Scarlett - Northern Maple Wood Watch
The Ebony Green Wooden Watch
Unicorn - Unisex Watch
Unicorn Square - Colored Bamboo Watch
Wonder Woman - Walnut Wood Watch
Zebra Wood Elite Watch - Women's