There Are Many Ways To Personalize Men's Wedding Rings, And Your Options Are Not Limited By Tradition

When it comes to the tradition of wearing wedding bands, the options are pretty limited. You can wear a plain white gold band or an antique-looking silver version. You can also choose to wear both at the same time, one on each ring finger. But there's no reason you have to stick with these choices if they don't speak to your personal style or preferences! There are plenty of ways to personalize a wedding ring so that it feels like an extension of who you are as a couple—or even just as an individual.

What's the tradition?

Traditionally, wedding rings are worn on the left hand's ring finger. This symbolizes the unbroken circle of love and commitment between you and your partner.

The wearing of wedding bands has been a tradition for thousands of years. It was originally started by ancient Roman soldiers to identify themselves as married men when they were away from their wives during war campaigns. The custom then spread throughout Europe and eventually made its way over to North America in colonial times.

Today, it's common for couples around the world to exchange their wedding bands at some point after saying "I do"—usually at their reception or during a ceremony held earlier in the day (or even before they get engaged). In some cultures, however, it is still considered bad luck not to wear a wedding band when getting married!

The ring can match your fiancé's engagement ring.

You should not choose a ring that's too similar to your fiance's engagement ring. You want the rings to complement each other but not be too similar. You also shouldn't choose a ring that's too different from her engagement ring. The rings shouldn't look like they belong on completely different fingers either—but be careful not to go overboard with matching and end up with two wedding bands (one for each finger). If you can't find something in the same style and metal as her engagement ring, maybe try for one that has a similar design flair or features stones of another color or shape.

If you're on a budget and want to get her something she'll love, then make sure it doesn't cost an arm and a leg out of pocket! Otherwise, this gift will come off as cheap instead of thoughtful (which is never good).

Gold isn't the only option.

Gold isn't the only option when it comes to wedding bands. In fact, many men are opting for silver. Platinum is another popular alternative—it's more durable than gold and harder than silver but still softer than titanium or tungsten carbide (the latter of which make great options for those who work in physically demanding jobs). You could also go with white gold—like yellow gold, it's made from pure alloyed metals but has a white tone.

Finally, designer metals like palladium and tungsten are also available as wedding band options. These materials have some unique properties that make them ideal for high-stress situations like underwater diving or other extreme activities.

A wedding band doesn't have to be a plain band.

It's not just about rings, either. You can find wedding bands with engravings that declare your love for each other or even the date of your marriage. There are also many different materials from which to choose—like gold, platinum, or titanium—so you can get the right fit for both your lifestyle and your spouse'so many different materials from which to choose—like gold, platinum, or titanium—so you can get the right fit for both your lifestyle and your spouse's. And if you want something that matches your personality perfectly, Think outside the box: an engagement ring made out of LEGO bricks? a suitably sized band engraved with a caricature of one another? The possibilities are endless!

You can wear a wedding band on any finger you want.

A wedding band is a great way to show your love and commitment, but where should you wear it? Wherever you want! The ring style can be worn on any finger.

For example, if you would prefer to wear the wedding band on your right hand, simply place it on your ring finger or index finger. If you’d rather wear the wedding band on your left hand, it can be placed on either the middle or index fingers. And if wearing a ring isn't for you (or if only having one hand will get in the way), no worries—rings are also available that don't require fingers at all!

There are many ways to personalize a wedding ring, and your options are not limited by tradition.

The idea of wearing a wedding ring on the pinky finger comes from the ancient tradition of past monarchs, who wore their rings on that finger to show off their status. Today, however, you have more options than ever before when it comes to choosing where you want your wedding band to sit.

We’ll start with what most people know about: wearing your ring on any finger you like (although for comfort reasons we recommend fingers other than the thumb). Some men prefer not to wear jewelry at all; others want one or two rings but don’t want them sitting on top of each other; still others like having multiple rings and choosing which ones will match any given outfit or event they will be attending that day or weekend. The choice is yours!


We hope we’ve given you a good sense of the different styles of men’s wedding rings. Each option has its own unique look, and we think that every man should find one that feels right for him. Don’t be afraid to try new things—we know from experience that there are many great options out there!