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Article: What are Tungsten Carbide Rings? Are they ideal for wedding bands?

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What are Tungsten Carbide Rings? Are they ideal for wedding bands?

If you are shopping for a men's wedding ring you obviously want to choose something durable that has strength and fits your style. If you have a wedding looming don't settle on your average classic metals like gold and silver just yet. There is a new superhero in town, and we would like to tell you all about it before you make up your mind. We're talking about tungsten rings.


What is Tungsten:

Tungsten is a rare metal and one of the toughest elements on earth. Tungsten carbide is also commonly used to make drill bits that can only be cut by diamonds.

 Scratch resistance:

Tungsten is one of the two most scratch resistant metals known to date. When in its natural color without any plating tungsten will still look brand new after years of wearing.

Tungsten Colors and styles:

Tungsten's natural color is gunmetal grey and is a perfect blend with most outfits, but this is not limited to grey only. Tungsten can be plated with black, rose gold, blue, green and many more. 

 Tungsten Inlays:

The cool thing about tungsten rings are that they can be crafted with different inlays such as wood, antler, opal and many more. The fact that your potential wedding ring can have wood or antler as an inlay is a conversation starter in itself and will give you a nice earthy look to your eternal promise. 


Tungsten rings is the perfect alternative when you are shopping on a budget. With a tungsten wedding ring you will still get that nice heavy weight of a high-quality metal without breaking the bank. Tungsten is also hypoallergenic and won't make your skin react negatively like with other metals. Prices may vary as it is based on the ring inlay, shape of the tungsten or the color of plating on the tungsten ring.


Tungsten is brittle and can break under pressure. Even though this might seem like a con it is actually a positive characteristic as it can be broken off one's finger in the unlikely event that a finger breaks or injures whilst wearing the ring.

 How can we help:

We manufacture South Africa's finest and most unique tungsten wedding rings. Among others we offer extraordinary wood & antler inlays which will set you apart from the rest. Based in Pretoria east we are centralized and ship our products countrywide. Contact Touchwood rings today.

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