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Build Your Own Ring! - Touchwood

Bespoke Mens Rings

Yes that's right you can now build your own ring, your ideas are our innovation.

How does this work?

1) Below are a variety of tungsten shells that we can use to insert your ideal inlay. Kindly take note that tungsten cannot be reshaped and thus we only use the shells below for your designs.

2) This is the opportunity to customize something no one else has and tells your perfect story inside a beautiful piece.

3) We have created rings with various sand, wood, rocks, ashes and many more inlays for our customers over the years.

In short if we can fit whatever special inlay idea you have inside a channel we can make your dream ring. So enjoy the process and if at any time you need any assistance, please feel free to reach out.

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  Save  20%  The Oval 8mm Tungsten Shell
The Oval 8mm Tungsten Shell
Sale price R2,795.00 Regular price R3,500.00
  Save  25%  Two Channel Gunmetal Tungsten Shell
Two Channel Gunmetal Tungsten Shell
Sale price R2,995.00 Regular price R3,995.00
  Save  24%  Three Channel Gunmetal Tungsten
Three Channel Gunmetal Tungsten
Sale price R3,395.00 Regular price R4,495.00
  Save  23%  Hammered Gunmetal Tungsten Shell
Hammered Gunmetal Tungsten Shell
Sale price R2,695.00 Regular price R3,495.00